Decra Tile


Beauty and Style of Scalloped Clay Tile

The wavy S-shaped elegance of scalloped-style Mediterranean clay tile is beautiful, but clay tile roofing is extremely delicate and prone to breaking. Traditional clay tiles are so fragile that just walking on a clay tile roof for routine maintenance can cause damage. As one of the heaviest roofing materials, the weight of clay tiles makes them a poor choice for regions prone to earthquakes or high winds.

Fortunately, DECRA Tile provides the classic beauty of scalloped-style clay tile with the durability of stone-coated steel.

  • Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hailfirehurricanes, tornados, high windsearthquakes, and snow and ice,
  • Lasts two to three times longer than traditional roofing materials, such as clay tile.
  • Installed on battens, energy-efficient DECRA Tile can reduce cooling costs by up to 25%.
  • Unlike clay tile, metal roofs require little-to-no maintenance. An annual cleaning to remove dirt or debris will do.
  • As one of the lightest roofing materials, DECRA metal roofs add reinforcing shear strength without excess weight.
Designed to resist extreme weather conditions, including our local hurricanes, high winds, and seismic activities, DECRA metal roofs outperform traditional roofing materials, and are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty for winds over 120mph and hail up to 2.5” in diameter.