DECRA Metal Roofing

The strength and durability of a DECRA roof combine with the attractive appearance of traditional tiles to provide the optimal roofing solution. DECRA panels have a unique interlocking design to withstand high winds and provide the highest strength. DECRA ceilings are not only versatile and attractive, they will give you peace of mind and security.

Interlocking panels and the unsurpassed strength of steel provide unbeatable resistance against the elements.

  • Resistant to winds up to 200 km/h

  • Class 4 impact rating (highest rating)

  • Non-combustible, Class A Fire Rated Material

  • Resistant against cracking, breaking and splitting

DECRA offers a 50 year limited warranty, transferrable to new owners.

Weight is perhaps the most important consideration for modern roofing products. Decra roofs are ultra lightweight with 7.2 kg / m2, reducing the strain on the underlying structure.

DECRA products use 25-30% of recycled material in the manufacturing process. Besides having an extended life cycle 2-3 times longer than conventional roofing materials, DECRA products are 100% recyclable, unlike discarded wood products which release greenhouse gases as they deteriorate in landfills.

DECRA stone-coated steel roofing profiles don’t require any extra soundproofing materials and are peacefully quiet in the rain thanks to the sound-absorbing cushion of granular stone coating.