Copper Shingles

Why choose copper shingles?

Copper is a natural material that for centuries has been used for roofing. Many old buildings and churches keep their copper roofs intact to this day. Copper roofs are being used more and more when designing and renovating buildings due to their longevity and versatility.
The copper shingles enhance roofs of all sizes and shapes by providing a prestigious and elegant look with a traditional copper finish. Due to its specific nature, copper is subject to continuous oxidation, which produces the characteristic color irregularity of copper. In addition, this material has the following advantages:
  • Copper has a lifespan of more than 50 years
  • Copper is resistant to the elements and therefore less likely to be affected by rain, hail, and mold. It is also one of the most fire resistant materials available
  • Copper is ideal for contemporary and traditional designs
  • Copper is a lightweight material. This means that only a small amount of stress is applied to the structure of your building
  • It is a malleable metal that can be formed into complex and curved shapes
These shingles are available in 3 styles: Compact, Elite and Traditional